Thanks for reading the “Burgh Sports Blog”.  The name is supposed to reflect my home town (Edinburgh) and my sports town (Pittsburgh).  I’ll also reflect on the sporting highs and woes of my current home town, Houston, in these pages.

I’m a research fellow at University College Dublin and a PhD graduate of Queen’s University Belfast as well as a former player with the Scottish Rocks in the British Basketball League and Belfast Star in the Irish Superleague.

This blog is intended for me to share a few random personal musings about sports and society.  I would like to think it was obvious that anything written here does not necessarily reflect the views of my employer or anyone else.

I’m a fan of Heart of Midlothian FC, Pittsburgh Steelers, Houston Rockets, Seattle Mariners and the Pittsburgh Penguins, as well as the Scottish national team in whatever sport they may be participating, but I like to think that I’m not totally biased in any instance.  Maybe I am, who knows?

You can find other basketball writings of mine at The Courtside Collective, and my personal research website is The United States of America and Northern Ireland.  I’ve also written for the Scottish Review and the Rangers Standard.

You can find me on twitter @sandersandrew.


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